Auckland Casual Sex – Tips For Men To Hookup Girls In Auckland EASILY

Auckland Casual Sex

If casual sex hookups are your kind of thing, then the Auckland dating scene is tailor-made for you.

This is by far the largest city in New Zealand, home to a whopping 34% of the country’s population. But numbers count for little if they don’t work in your favour. Fortunately, that is not the case in the City of Sails.

As is the pattern in other urban spots in the country, hot girls Auckland are not a scare resource. Single ladies outnumber the bachelors by some margin.

According to figures from the last census, the ratio of single men to single women stands at 81:100, with some pockets of the city carrying as much as three women for every single man.

In other words, sex dating Auckland is a venture that promises great returns for single men looking to mingle.

We don’t want to take you down the “back in the day” path, but gone are the days of dating with the sole purpose of getting married. These days, a lot of people want to play the field and see where that leads them.

And it’s not just a preserve of the men. That goes for the throng of sexy girls in Auckland, and there are plenty of those if you’ve cared to notice.

A study by Durex dubbed the Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey carried out annually has for several years shown New Zealand women are world beaters when it comes to bedroom affairs, boasting an average of [gasp] 20.4 sexual partners.


Kiwi women are moving with the times. You could say they do get around some, but looking at it from a glass half-full perspective, it shows the sex Auckland scene is flourishing.

And you know what that means, right?

Local casual dating has never been easier!


What’s holding you back?

Talking to most guys, there seems to be this notion that women are a scarce commodity around these parts. But could it be something to do with a simple shift in mindset instead?

They say attitude is everything, and it certainly rings true when it comes to looking for a fuck buddy.

Truth is, getting an Auckland sex partner isn’t the hardest thing you’ll do this year. Or the next.

Kiwi women might lead in the promiscuity stakes, but they are girls at the end of the day.

Auckland Fuck

That means:

• They won’t come storming into your social media DMs or the Auckland dating sites you’re on with offers along the lines of “Hey, Wanna Fuck?”. That’s because naturally, they don’t want to be perceived as lower in value or worth, a key ingredient in male-female coupling.

• They want you to work hard for it. To prove your worth as a man. Women love a man who is not afraid to go get it. Because that’s an indicator that you also know how to “get it” between the sheets.


Women are also creatures of desire, and they too are dipping into the dating Auckland pool with ONE thing on their mind: S-E-X baby.

That means it’s up to you to project yourself to the many potential sex singles out there as a man of [sexual] value. To create this “made-up” persona of a man that girls fall over for in a bid to win his attention.

Key Question is: HOW exactly do you go about that?

Well, that’s the whole point of this article. To share NSA dating Auckland tips that will help get you high on the list of the numerous hot birds in this city looking to find casual sex partner.

What we’ve realised over the years of playing the casual sex game is that – like most things in life – getting women in bed is something that takes practice. You will stumble along the way, but you’ll also enjoy your fair share of success too, with the conquests becoming easier the more hours you clock playing the game.

We understand, time is not the most valuable resource these days. Besides, you don’t want to be the bloke who spends his entire days sending women “winks” on dating apps in your efforts to find a fuck.

REMEMBER: You’re a high value man. Desperation does not exist in your vocab.

There are only a few values you need to possess to increase your attainability.

In no particular order, these include:

• Confidence

• Health-conscious (including sexually health conscious)

• Financially Self-Sufficient

• Attractiveness (not necessarily ‘good looks’)

• Sense of style

• Social skills

Auckland Hook Up

Just so we’re clear, unless you’re Dan Carter, you only need TWO of these to win favour with most single girls Auckland.

We all can agree that there are a few things very much within our control. Cultivating confidence and working on our mind and body, for example.

And that can only be a good thing. Because it means literally ANYONE can acquire these values. We’ve all seen the prettiest Auckland girls out with a bloke who didn’t seem to have much going on in the looks department and wondered what on earth she saw in the man.

If you also observed carefully, you might have noticed most of these chaps tend to have an unparalleled level of confidence (for what exactly, we’re not sure).

A sense of fashion is something many have down to a fine art, and that wins girls. Women like fashionable.

She might only be looking for fuck buddies Auckland, but let’s be honest, the way you present yourself is a metric she’ll use to judge you right off the bat.


If you’re struggling to answer the question, “How can I get laid easily?”, we have some casual hookup tips to share with you.

In this post, we will outline the do’s and don’t’s you need to keep in mind when exploring the casual sex scene.

We will highlight the different types of local casual encounters you need to know about, as well as reveal where to find casual sex more easily, with a particular focus on online avenues.

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Auckland Dating – 4 Tips To Get Numbers And Dates

A shift in societal culture over the last several years has seen an increasing number of people adopt a more open-minded approach towards sex dating Auckland.

The tech of the day has also played a huge role in facilitating hookups at the expense of day game and night pickup spots which, let’s be honest, are not the easiest to gain traction in.

However, while it’s easier to enter the sex Auckland scene today, navigating it can be a tad complicated if you haven’t yet figured out what works and what doesn’t.

Obviously, there is no cut and dried approach that works with all girls that you need to muster to be a guru with women. That’s a blueprint we would all be swearing by. It’s a dynamic landscape, coupling, with even more dynamic individuals.

That’s NOT to imply finding women up for a casual sex fuck is a hard formula to work out. No, it’s nothing like calculus, don’t worry.

As we pointed out above, all you need is to display the values that women are looking for in their potential mating partner. It’s the same case with you really.

When browsing photos of babes you’d love to bang on your favourite casual sex online app, there are qualities you’re looking for in your ideal woman. Or women. A nice rack, for instance. And/or good rear. Big hips. Pretty face…You know, the usual.

We men are not discerning as much, and some of us would sleep with anything that walks in a skirt. As long as she can give you a boner.


Fuck Buddies Auckland

There are general strategies you can incorporate in your method to place yourself in good stead to win over the single women Auckland more easily.

We could basically break this down into two:

1. Things you could work on

A lot of this has to do with how you present yourself. You can read a casual sex blog like this for tips or magazines like Men’s Lifestyle to get some ideas or inspiration for your appearance.

The good thing about looks (at least when it comes to men) is that you don’t have to be the hottest bloke in the neighbourhood to be successful in Auckland casual encounters. A little grooming here and there is a good start:

• Get a good haircut.

• For men with facial hair, work out what beard trim looks great on you (chances are the girls will do too).

• Spruce up your wardrobe from the top-down. A nice hat if you’re into head gear, some good crisp shirts and tees, nice jeans and pants, and some elegant footwear not called jandals.

• Invest in a good watch. A good watch doesn’t have to be gold. Sure, if you can afford it, by all means, go for it. As a man, it’s the only accessory you’ll need (besides your sunnies) since men don’t need to, or shouldn’t rather, wear diamond. But you don’t have to drop major coin on a watch. There are plenty of good watches out there that won’t have you emptying your wallet.

Work on your physique. Not only will you come across as more attractive, but having a good body will boost your self-esteem and confidence. Plus, the benefits of this will spill beyond your dating life. Trust us, it’s not just fashionable speak when everyone keeps banging on about the benefits of good cardio and strength training. Did we say it can improve your skills in the bedroom too? That’s right, tiger! That alone should prove motivation enough to get in the gym.

When positioning yourself in the casual dating world, keep in mind that Auckland hookups are, to a large extent, about appearance.

Go on a photo shoot if you have to. We want you looking your best when you put yourself on the shop window.

2. Your Approach

With the grooming aspect out of the way, next thing you need to do when looking for singles in Auckland is the approach.

From how you initiate contact, to exchanging casual sex contacts with girls with the aim of taking your conversations offline, up until the point you get her to bed.

First things first:

a) You need to understand women get inundated with messages every day of the week. To get the attention of that bird you’re eyeing, it’s going to take more than a simple “Hey”, or “Hey cutie”, or some variation of it.

b) When you meet some potential Auckland fuck mates on a dating site, it is imperative that you get the conversation off the platform as soon as practically possible. A good deal of the women you’ll encounter have probably been on that app for years. They’ve seen it all. And they are tired. Tired of the corny lines. Tired of the dick pics and Auckland nudes. Tired of all the low-value men trying to take their panties off. I mean, she’s NEEDS the sex, but she’s not going to sleep with every rando that hits on her.

c) That said, if you let your conversations drag out for too long before meeting her in person, you risk the interaction fizzling out and you can forget about meeting her in real life, let alone bonking her. Treat it like the chess match it is. The fewer moves you can check-mate her with, the better chance you have of seeing her naked; if you manage to pull a fool’s mate on her, bro, the beer is on us!

So, what’s a man to do to get that date?


Hookups Auckland

1. Ask her out

Asking a girl out first thing might not seem like the best idea when looking for hookups Auckland, but getting straight to the point is both a time saver and women will appreciate it, provided it’s done correctly (See below 3 Mistakes to avoid).

You can test the waters with some humour, but remember that back-and-forth exchanges are not the goal here. That might work on traditional dating sites, but a large percentage of the women on Auckland casual sex sites are there for just that: SEX. Attachments are for emails.

Focus on steering the conversation towards those lines, and don’t be afraid to ask for her number – not in the initial message, obviously. As long as she’s not playing snotty and stonewalling you, you’re in with a chance. And that’s what counts at this juncture.

Quick Reminder:

When looking for casual sex, not all potential Auckland sex buddies will respond to your overtures, even if you come looking like 007. That’s just the way it is. Some will be responsive, others will not. Don’t take it to heart when some girls don’t come back to you. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and as the high value man that you are, that’s the abundance mentality you need to have with you.


When she responds, depending on how “warm” that response is, you may or may not need another message in between before throwing her a line like – “If I had your phone number, we could forget we ever met on [insert the dating site/app you’re using]”.

NEWSFLASH: Girls who are looking to hookup Auckland don’t want to be there longer than they need to. So it’s upon you to be her knight in shining armour and rescue her from the frustration of logging in every day hoping to find a suitable match.

Auckland Fuck Buddies

2. Be specific

Let’s hang out sometime” shows her you’re not beating around the bush, but try something even more less vague such as “There’s this nice spot that opened the other day that I’ve been meaning to check out. Would you like to join me Wednesday night?

Being upfront and cutting to the chase in this fashion accomplishes two things in the eyes of your Auckland hookup partner:

i. It shows you’re a man who not only knows what he wants, but one who is also capable of making plans. Women like that.

You want to know what else? That automatically places you above the huge percentage of men out there. It might be surprising, but you would be amazed by just how few men take this kind of initiative.

ii. If you’ve done your search well and the match you’ve found is really interested in finding casual sex nearby herself, it provides her with an added incentive to say yes. Obviously, she’s not going to ascent to your offer just like that (unless you manage to find someone that outgoing) so you need to do two things, which make up our next two separate points…

3. Have you polished your profile?

Your profile will be a huge selling point here considering you’re just another random guy she met on an Auckland hook up site. And that’s where those points we talked about earlier with regard to appearance and presentation come in.

Upload some images of you looking your sharpest (without it looking TOO planned, too obvious and/or too cheesy). Main profile pic needs to be a solo shot, flanked by another two or three decent images.

To top it off, we want to believe you’ve taken the time to fill out your profile, complete with all the hints touching on what you are interested in. And we don’t mean your favourite adventures. If you’re looking for casual sex in my area, you can intimate on what you’re on the dating app for.

Of course, unless it’s a very niche site, entries like “Looking for anal Auckland partners” won’t win you many offers. That’s more likely to fly in the adult personals section. It’s possible to specify what you’re looking for without being explicit, assuming you’re using regular casual dating sites.

Something as simple as “Here to have fun. See where that leads me.” will do.

Places To Meet Girls Auckland

4. Follow up

Another upside to being specific in your planning when you want to get laid Auckland is it makes it seem more likely that the plans will materialise.

But even the best laid plans are likely to fall through if you do not follow through. Don’t forget we live in the age of ghosting. So that Wednesday night out? Consider following up two days to confirm it’s still on and that you look forward to meeting up with your date.

Internet hook-ups have cynical undertones to them, and it never hurts to approach your casual encounters in Auckland with this in mind. In our case, for instance, picking the rendezvous and confirming your plans puts you ahead of the vast majority of men.

Ideally, when picking your meeting points, make the location a convenient one for the girl so she has one less reason to turn you down.

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Numbers

1. DON’T be desperate for her number – Desperation only tells the girl you’re not much of a catch as you make yourself out to be. Assume a composed, relaxed approach. That projects confidence, something girls find alluring. Don’t ask for her number twice.

2. DON’T go for the number too soon – We know, we said aim to minimise the back-and-forth interactions on the dating site, but that’s not to mean you should ask your prospective Auckland sex partner for her number first thing. Bar a few exceptions, it’s nice to feel her out a little as you, a) Gauge her interest level and, b) Seek to build some rapport and attraction with her.

3. DON’T wait too long [to ask for her number] – It’s a delicate balance you’ll need to strike. Exchange a few messages as we mentioned above. Better yet, if she’s online and up for a chat, chat her up a bit and measure her interest OR comfort level with you, then take her number.

Auckland NSA

Types Of Casual Sex – 7 Ways To Hookup

Casual dating comes in different stripes, with a slew of different terms used to describe it.

Often the case, most people (us included) use these terms interchangeably (as we have throughout this very article) although in essence they could mean a different type of, er, casual engagement.

While on the surface they could be used to describe the same thing – non-committal sex – since we’re here, we might as well delve into their exact meanings and the subtle differences that distinguish them.

Let’s go to school…


Hookups initially began as sex encounters that happened spontaneously between two people who were not in a romantic relationship, and were typically sparked by alcohol. However, the term has recently assumed a new meaning.

Today, a hookup Auckland encounter is still between two people attracted to each other but not romantically linked, and there doesn’t need to be any alcohol involved.

Matter of fact, you can “hook up” with someone online (e.g. Tinder) before taking your conversation offline and doing whatever it is you want to do to each other.

Casual Encounters

A casual encounter is more of a broad term that encompasses different types of non-romantically-linked sexual liaisons.

For instance, saying you’re looking to try out casual dating Auckland could either imply a hook-up (as above), a friends with benefits arrangement (see below), a one-night stand or any of the other types of “casual” sex described here.

The keyword lies in “casual” – it’s nothing serious, unless feelings develop down the line.

Find NSA Auckland

NSA (No Strings Attached)

As the name suggests, no strings dating Auckland is exactly that: dating and engaging in sex without assigning romantic tags to the relationship; romantic in this case implying boyfriend or girlfriend.

In other words, you can engage in sex freely without burdening yourself with the “What are we?” question.

Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits can be interpreted in more ways than one. For one, it could involve getting freaky with a friend (the literal meaning of it) but it doesn’t necessarily have to be with someone you know.

You can still meet a random smasher on a dating platform, the two of you strike it up and end up becoming friends with benefits Auckland. The “benefits”, of course, implying sex.

Fuck Buddies

A symbiotic type of non-romantic sexual relationship between two parties that is typically ongoing and may or may not be something shared exclusively between two parties.

There are fuck buddy tips that normally govern this type of relationship which, if floated, could lead to one fuck buddy Auckland partner (or both) developing feelings.

Single Girls Near Me

Mature Casual Sex

A type of casual sex encounter that could sometimes be used to describe a non-romantic sex relationship between two individuals over 40.

So, any liaison between two adults who are above the age of 40 constitutes mature sex Auckland.

One Night Stand

One-night stand encounters are nothing new. As the name suggests, this is a fling that typically fizzles out as quickly as it began.

However, it is not cast in stone that a one night stand Auckland has to end after the maiden encounter, as per the norm. Should the two parties involved take to each other so much, they might as well decide to take things to the next level: become sex buddies.

Auckland Girls – Best Ways To Meet Local Women

Casual sex today has become synonymous with dating apps.

With the exception of one-night stands, it’s hard to imagine hookup in Auckland really did happen as randomly as it does now. Tinder has played a role in fast-tracking the practice, but the technology has always been there since the early days of the Internet.

Hitting up on strangers on the Internet that you’re attracted to and creating a virtual rapport before you meet up IRL (in real life) is how the world finds casual local sex these days.

It’s super convenient and you don’t have to hit the town to find free sex in Auckland. You can scroll through hundreds of potential matches in your pajamas from the comfort of your crib.

And you don’t have to spend significant amounts casting your nets in the hope of finding casual sex near me. So cost-effective, in fact, that a full month’s subscription on one of the numerous dating sites/apps is less than you’d spend on two beers.

Plus, you get to meet a diverse range of people you’d normally not be exposed to – taking into account age, race, occupation, sexual preferences etc.

Question is, which Auckland hookup sites promise the best results?

Where To Meet Women Auckland

Websites & Apps – 4 Places To Meet Girls In Auckland (THIS site you’re on right now)

A casual dating site for those solely looking for casual hookups. If it turns into something more, like friends with benefits, enjoy it! You can join for free to see who’s online nearby easily.


As casual as casual dating sites come, Red Hot Pie is the place to be for anyone looking for quick casual sex. From horny Auckland singles to swingers, there is no shortage of options on offer here.


The C in the name stands for “casual”, so there should be no guesswork on what you can expect from this adult casual encounters site.


BeNaughty is clear on what its selling point is, and that definitely has nothing to do with long-term romantic relationships. Free for women, you can find Auckland free sex on this site whose majority of users are the younger population.

3 Mistakes To Avoid On Dating Sites & Apps

1. Small talk that leads nowhere. Solution: a) Be upfront about your intentions and b) aim to take your conversations offline as soon as possible.

2. Adopting a scattergun approach. Solution: Take the time to find your most ideal matches and increase your likelihood of finding sex in Auckland in the process.

3. Too much too soon. Solution: Don’t start calling her “babe” and “sweetie” from the off or fantasising about her and how you two can make great fuck buddies. Project a calm, relaxed vibe.

Q. What’s the best website to hookup in Auckland?

A. Well, we might be biased, but we believe the best place to find casual hookups in the city is our site, There are other sites like RedHotPie that might work for some, others might prefer a different resource like C-Date.

We would recommend trying out a few sites and figuring out which works best for you.


BBW Auckland

Auckland Dogging – A New Way To Hookup?

If you’re still wondering how to find casual hookups, you might want to consider Auckland dogging.

If the term is unfamiliar, this is the act of having sex in a public or semi-public place as other people watch – and in some cases, even allowed to join in.

It’s a form of exhibitionist sex conducted alfresco – on the beach, by a lake, in a quiet woodland, car park, or even in a public toilet – and has similarities to other kinks like voyeurism and gang bangs.

This form of Auckland casual sex is said to have originated in England at the turn of the millennium. After a series of arrests involving people having a go at it in the open went public, dogging went “viral” (if we may) and it was only a matter of time until the rest of the world caught on.

New Zealand was not left behind, and today, there are thriving dogging communities across the country, with Auckland leading the way, and Christchurch and Hamilton not too far behind.

If you’re curious where to find casual hookups related to dogging, you might want to try the Auckland personals section and keep an eye out for any ads related to swingers, dogging, or public sex.

The idea of public sex in the company of strangers might sound unusual or seedy, but it can be pretty raunchy if you care to think about it. There is a reason porn is the most consumed content on the Internet.

We might not all be voyeurs, but the truth of the matter is that people love watching other people have sex. In the case of dogging, you get to witness it in person – or if you prefer, have a sex buddy Auckland who’s down with dogging and have people watch you.

The excitement that the experience brings is one of the main reasons people partake in the practice. Couples in particular do it to spice up their sex life, while there are those who are aroused by the idea of putting on a show for strangers and watching them get off.

Dogging Auckland, and across the country in general, is prohibited by law, and generally, there is a code of conduct that governs the practice that you need to be privy to.

Hookup In Auckland

Casual Sex FAQs

How can I get more sex in Auckland?

By following our tips. Look good, feel confident AND project yourself as a man of high value.

How to find casual sex?

NSA Auckland dating sites are your best bet. Compared to traditional avenues, they’re convenient, they’re cost-effective, and there are no grey areas when it comes to what people want.

How to pickup Auckland girls?

Show them you’re interested but whatever you do, DON’T look needy.

How can I flirt with girls in Auckland?

A sense of humour helps. As does originality. And keeping things light-hearted. And subtly sending her signs that you’d make it worth her while if she were your Auckland fuck mate – that is, by being a dominant male.

How can I get Auckland girls into bed faster?

Play hard-to-get. YOU’RE THE PRIZE. Remember that. BUT, to be the prize, you need to DO THE WORK. Improve your game in every area.

Be confident and take the lead (in your own life, and be the leader that she’s looking for too). Build sexual tension with women. And forget the dick pics.


When looking for casual encounters Auckland, you need to do what the predators do in the jungle to earn a meal: go where there is most potential.

For the carnivores, that will be at the watering hole. In your case, that will be the most feasible places to find casual hookups these days – and that is on casual dating sites.

But finding the places to get laid is only half the battle. Keep in mind the adult dating Auckland tips we have discussed here and you might just surprise yourself.

Once you get the hang of it, finding free sex Auckland will be part of your DNA. This is a city awash with hot single females with cravings of the flesh that need satisfying.

And YOU are just the man for the job.